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Trademark Lawyers - Ventura County

The Trademarking Your California Business

A trademark is a powerful business tool that can safeguard your unique brand identity from potential infringement. It provides legal protection for your company’s name, logo or slogan. By securing a trademark registration with us at Slaughter, Reagan & Cole LLP you ensure that no other entity can unlawfully use similar marks in related goods/services thereby causing confusion among customers.

We are located in Ventura, California and we provide a full spectrum of trademark services that are designed to protect your brand and intellectual property rights.

Our Ventura Trademark Services

Slaughter, Reagan & Cole's extensive experience in business law makes us uniquely qualified to represent clients needing comprehensive trademark services such as:

  • Trademark search and clearance
  • Trademark application filing and prosecution before the USPTO (U.S Patent and Trademark Office)
  • Responding to USPTO office actions
  • Registration maintenance including renewal filings
  • Representation in infringement disputes

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If you need assistance with any aspect of trademark law- from the initial search and filing process up until enforcement- look no further than our expert team at Slaughter, Reagan & Cole LLP. Our experienced Ventura County trademark attorneys will guide you through every step ensuring seamless execution while protecting your valuable intellectual property assets.

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