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Property is not always tangible. “Intellectual property” (IP) is a term used for intangible goods that are profitable and can be owned by a person or business. Since such property can be owned, it can also be stolen and can be the source of dispute. Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP is skilled in handling IP disputes of all kinds, as well as numerous other areas of business law and business litigation.

Our firm can represent anyone in a lawsuit to recover damages for an IP case involving:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark violations
  • Patent infringement
  • Patent licensing
  • Trade secrets
  • Inventor disagreements

Types of IP Litigation

Intellectual property litigation allows a business or individual to file suit against someone who infringes upon their rights as the owner. Whether someone has stolen your concept or has shared your company’s trade secrets with a rival, Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP can build a strong case and fight aggressively to hold them liable for damages to your business and brand. With our help, you can potentially recover any current and future damages that result from IP theft and other such violations. Our intellectual property lawyers have practiced extensively in all areas of business law as they apply to various industries. We can help safeguard your intellectual property and other assets.

How Long Does Intellectual Property Last?

Are you thinking of getting something copyrighted, patented or trademarked? Or have you already done so? Do you want to know how long they last before they expire or you have to renew your status?


A U.S. patent is usually effective for 20 years from the date of the application. Periodic fees are required to maintain it. A design patent is protected for 14 years.


A U.S. trademark lasts as long as it is used in commerce and defended against violation of the trademark.


Copyright protection lasts for 70 years after the death of the author for works created after 1978. For works made for hire from small business, the copyright term is 95 years from when it was published or 120 years from the year it was created.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is protected indefinitely as long as it is valuable and the owner takes the necessary precautions to maintain the secret.

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Intellectual property cases can be complex, so do not hesitate to get the counsel of an experienced business lawyer from our firm. Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP has approximately 130 years of combined experience. Attorney Bill Slaughter has 30 years of experience himself, is AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, and is a member of the Ventura County Bar Association. Our firm is dedicated to the success of the community and, most importantly, our clients.

Ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights by partnering with our experienced IP lawyers in Ventura, CA. Our team specializes in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, providing comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs. Don’t jeopardize the value of your ideas and creations. Take action today by reaching out to our Ventura IP attorneys for a consultation. Safeguard your innovations and guarantee legal protection for your business’s success.

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