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Appellate Advocacy

Extensive Appellate Experience

We offer capabilities that many trial-oriented firms do not, such as specific appellate focus, and specific knowledge of appeal practice and procedures, as well as preparing well written briefs and persuasive oral argument. Our firm can offer experience that appellate-only firms do not, such as deep knowledge of the substantive areas and extensive trial practice.

Senior lawyer, Gabriele M. Lashly, has been handling appeals and writs for over 20 years. She is a Certified Specialist – Appellate Law, State Bar Of California Board Of Legal Specialization since 2003 and recognized as a "SuperLawyer" for several years. Only a select group of appellate lawyers in California have obtained this distinction which requires specialized testing and approval by the California State Bar Association.

Over the course of her distinguished legal career Ms. Lashly has handled over a hundred civil appeals. Ms. Lashly has extensive appellate experience in both briefing and argument throughout the various district Courts of Appeal in California, the California Supreme Court as well as the United States Ninth Circuit.

The Advantages Of Retaining Our Ventura Appellate Attorney

We encourage our clients and trial counsel to think about the eventual appeal from the first day so the trial record will support any eventual appeal. Our certified appellate specialist also works with trial counsel in preparing a variety of pre-trial motions (e.g., summary judgment), trial documents (e.g., trial briefs, evidentiary motions or jury instructions) as well as post-trial motions to build the best possible record and frame the issues for appeal.

We have substantial experience in this area. Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP also will provide candid and objective advice to clients on the important initial question of whether to pursue an appeal or writ petition. Most importantly, our appeal attorney will be able to provide the client with a fresh perspective of the chances of successfully appealing or defending the judgment on appeal.

Should the client decide to pursue or defend an appeal, we will undertake the necessary steps to perfect the appeal, designate the record, write persuasive briefs, and present our client's position at oral argument.

Appellate courts differ from trial courts and require a different kind of lawyering. Trial attorneys are experts at developing facts, examining witnesses, and persuading juries. Appellate attorneys must find legal rather than factual issues for appeal, develop legal arguments to persuade the appellate court based only on the record in the trial court. Understanding and applying the distinct standards of review that apply in the appeal courts is crucial. This is different from convincing a fact-finder at trial. Appellate courts do not weigh the evidence, do not take new evidence, and rarely reverse for abuse of discretion or lack of substantial evidence. Thus, developing the appropriate legal issues and presenting it in a persuasive argument and include them in concise and highly readable briefs requires skillful appellate practice.

We also regularly engage in post-appeal mediation. The California Court of Appeal has an appellate mediation program. Our appeal specialist has undergone extensive training in appeal mediation and participated as a mediator in the program. The advisability of trying to pursue settlement during the appeals process is always one of the issues addressed by the firm.

Consult a Lawyer from Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP

Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP brings the same structure and value added approach to appeal work as it does with litigation. Each case is analyzed, in advance, on its merits. Recommendations as to the viability of the appeal are made to the client, in advance. We also provide extensive budgeting so that an informed decision can be made about the advantages of pursuing an appeal.

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