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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ventura

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Business relationships can be complex, and it’s important that they work smoothly in order for everyone involved to benefit. However things don’t always go according to plan and over time disputes can arise.
While these disputes can be resolved through litigation before a judge, many people want to avoid the hassle and risk this can entail. Instead, there are a number of alternative methods that business owners, employers, employees, and partners can use to try to iron out their disagreements without the hassle of a full-fledged lawsuit.

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Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are many different ways in which you can resolve a dispute without having to set foot inside a courtroom. Many of these methods actually can lead to a better outcome for all parties involved since the solution is designed with the best interests of both parties in mind, which a trial rarely achieves.

Our Ventura business litigation lawyers can help you with the following types of alternative dispute resolution:

  • Mediation: This is when both parties agree to meet with the assistance of a mediator. The mediator facilitates the discussion and negotiations but does not have any hand in the final outcome, should one be created. This is an informal process, and the mediator is usually a current or former business law judge who can facilitate the discussion on both sides.
  • Arbitration: This is when both parties agree to meet with an arbitrator, who hears both sides of a dispute and then gives their decision on how it should be resolved. The big difference between mediation and arbitration, however, is that both sides agree to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision. This does allow for more flexibility than full-fledged litigation, but can still carry the risk of an unpopular outcome.
  • Neutral Evaluation: This is extremely similar to mediation, in that it involves both parties meeting with and explaining their case to a neutral third party, who will then give their opinion on how they feel the case will pan out. This isn’t necessarily binding, but gives both parties an option to see how the case may go when presented in litigation and give them a better starting point when it comes to mediation. It can even help create a solution before more time and money are invested into continuing the dispute.
  • Settlement: This is when both parties, usually represented by their attorneys, come to a mutual agreement on their dispute before completing a form of binding resolution, such as arbitration or litigation. Settlement can result in a positive outcome for both sides, but it’s important that a settlement not be rushed or one side may find they agreed to a bad deal.

As attorneys, we believe everyone deserves justice, including employees, employers, or companies. However, we also understand that justice isn’t always guaranteed and sometimes must be fought for. For this reason, we are dedicated to helping you protect your best interests and get back to the way things should be as soon as possible. Whether you’re an employee looking to hold your employer accountable for violating the terms of your employment or a company looking to enforce the terms of an agreement that was made, our team has the skill and the knowledge to help you pursue the best possible outcome.

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