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Attorneys Winter and Lashly Win Summary Judgment in Defamation Case

Two of the attorneys at Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP have recently won a summary judgment in a defamation case. Attorney Meagan C. Winter, a partner at the firm, and Attorney Gabriele Lashly, an appellate specialist at the firm, worked tirelessly on behalf of our client and succeeded in defending him against false defamation charges.

The case began after the plaintiff claimed our client defamed him by ordering the security guard at a private gated community to put a notice at the guardhouse indicating the plaintiff was no longer allowed entrance to our client’s property.  According to the plaintiff, he suffered emotional distress and economic damages.

Our attorneys moved for summary judgment on the grounds the plaintiff could not prove at trial that the posting at the gatehouse was false or defamatory in any way. Neither could the plaintiff prove the posting caused him economic damages.

The court agreed with the assessment and entered summary judgment in favor of our client. Thanks to Attorney Winter and Attorney Lashly’s aggressive defense early in the case, the conflict was resolved in our client’s favor quickly and without needing to go to a full trial.

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