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Slaughter & Reagan, LLP Attorney Achieves Victory for Homeowners Association in Dog Bite Case

Dog attacks can be vicious, and no one wants them to occur. A single dog bite is capable of leaving an individual with severe and life-threatening injuries. In cases where an owner's negligence, neglect or failure to act leads to an individual sustaining serious injuries, that owner may be held liable for his or her actions.

Determining liability in cases such as this is not always easy. In many instances the dog bite victim will be quick to lay blame on the owner in an attempt to collect on insurance monies or other forms of payment. Dog bite laws are extremely specific when it comes to recovering compensation in cases of injury. When we believe no wrongdoing exists, we will fight hard to see that our clients' rights are fully protected.

One of our associate lawyers, Gabriele M. Lashly, recently obtained a victory for a homeowners association we were representing. The homeowners association, along with its parent management company had been sued after a resident home owner had been bitten by a dog belonging to a daughter of one of the association's board members. We took an aggressive stance in this case and argued that there was no reason to believe either the homeowners association or the management company had any prior knowledge of the dog's potentially dangerous behavior.

There was also no reason for either party to believe that when the owner allowed the dog to be off leash, that the dog would then bite another person. As a result neither party could be held liable under state laws for any resultant injuries caused by the dog. The Court agreed with our arguments, so sided with our clients and rejected the victim's claims.

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