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William Slaughter Obtains Win For Defendent Homeowner in Dispute Over Easement

The Los Angeles Superior Court entered a judgment on February 7, 2013, fully vindicating Slaughter & Reagan, LLP’s client’s right to use the driveways and sewer over the plaintiffs’ property as well as preserving his client’s right to her deeded easements.

This action concerned a dispute between next-door neighbors in Glendale over rights to use driveways on the plaintiff’s property. The defendant’s property was landlocked and only accessible over the plaintiffs’ property. The parties mistakenly believed that the paved driveway was located on defendant’s deeded easement and plaintiffs also disputed the defendant’s right share the sewer line on plaintiffs’ property.

Before trial, the parties dismissed their damage claims and the matter proceeded by bench trial on the question of the rights to use the driveway and easements. After a six-day bench trial, the Court found in favor of Mr. Slaughter client on all issues. Not only did the Court deny plaintiffs’ claims for quiet title, but the Court found that Mr. Slaughter’s client had obtained a prescriptive easement to the driveway based on her use over the last ten years. The Court also found that Mr. Slaughter client did not lose her deeded easement by non use. Finally, the Court held that Mr. Slaughter client was entitled to share the sewer line on plaintiffs’ property as there was no other way to connect her property to the public sewer.